Bullriding starts at the core…at least for me

I’m off and running. Or hopefully riding.

Weeks ago, I announced I would be taking the next six months to train for something I’ve always wanted to do, but I got so out of shape, it was never an option. I’m going to train to ride a bull.

Since I’ve lost about 50 pounds in the last couple years, I’ve decided now is my time to be a part of the sport of bullriding just once, to see what it is like and scratch it from my bucket list. But I had to start somewhere, so I started where I usually go when it comes to anything related to physical training. I went to Kent Paul.

I visited Kent, a former Mr. Colorado (1998) whom I’ve written about before, at his new Turbo Training Center in the Denver Tech Center and told him about my plans of riding a bull. He looked at me like I asked him to punch me in the face. It’s the same look I’ve been getting from people who have read my columns and have learned about my new challenge; one raised eyebrow, mouth slightly open, and an overall expression that screams “For God’s sake, why?”
I’m not going to go over the “why?” again. I’ve already done that. Now, I’m focused on the how.

Anyways, Kent explained how to modify the weights training I’ve done for the past almost two years to accommodate such an intense activity. The main answer was intense and explosive work on my core muscles, particularly my hip flexers, so my body has its best chance of recovering from the sudden buck of an angry bull.

He showed me a few exercises to start working on, and for the past few weeks, if I haven’t been sick, I’ve been at it. And I won’t lie. They hurt. When you’re abusing you’re hip flexers in a way they aren’t used to, simply walking becomes a challenge.

I asked the former Mr. Colorado if I could replace all these new explosive exercises by simply having more sex. He said it was an option and that he could show me a few positions that would help. Well, he said he wouldn’t “show” me a few positions, but rather he would “describe” them. That didn’t make things awkward at all.

Anyways, there’s a 16-minute video of my visit and counsel with Kent on YouTube. You can see it by visiting my blog at www.bennfarrell.wordpress.com or you can search YouTube with “What the Heckle – Training For Bullriding, Pt 1.” More videos will be coming as I prepare for my bullriding adventure.

My friends have been asking me when I’m going to start training with a mechanical bull. That’s coming very soon, but I want to work on a couple more things before then.

I actually had the opportunity to hop on a mechanical bull recently. I was with a girlfriend, celebrating her mother’s birthday at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Denver’s Stapleton area. The place had a mechanical bull, which my friend’s mother and sisters were given their shot.

They encouraged me, knowing I would be in training for bullriding, to get a turn on the mechanical myself, but I was three vodkas and a light beer from a mason jar into the evening and in no condition to climb onto a barstool, let alone a simulated bull. I passed.

One thing I want to train myself to do next is fall. I can see myself getting bucked off and flying through the air and breaking my collar bone during this thing. I’m not afraid to get hurt, but I’d still like to avoid it. So, what I’ve decided is, I’m going to visit one of the gymnastics training centers within our coverage area, and have one of their instructors train me how to fall from a decent height and protect myself. That will be the next video and subject for this series of columns.

For a goof, I read a piece on how to start bullriding from eHow.com. The piece was horribly general and didn’t have much to say except listen to advice and use white resin during your first time out instead of black for whatever reason. One item did stick out under the “Tips and Warnings” portion. It read, “Death may result! Injury always will! You will get hurt!” I could not be more excited.

Until next time, I’ll keeping working on my core and hip flexers. I also have to work on my obliques. I’m not sure what those are. They sound like some part of an accordion. I’ll look it up.



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2 responses to “Bullriding starts at the core…at least for me

  1. Q

    Those look like some intense exercises that I don’t think I want to try. Can’t wait to see your learning to fall video.

    Also I must say you have a great advocate in your corner. Kent is awesome! I like what he has to say, it even motivated me a bit to push my workouts a bit harder.

    Nice post,

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